Our Services

We cover a wide range of categories for your business!


Custom Software Development

That’s our business, we are specialist building tailor- made software to satisfy all your needs.


Our sustained experience in technology area allow us to give your advice in different IT projects.  Let us know your request.

Developer Outsourcing

You don’t need to be worried about hire IT staff, we can do it for you.  Hire a committed and trusted staff with your business is our job.

Web Development

Today everybody needs the Information online and we can put your business at the top sales developing all your Web solutions.


Database Support

The company data is the most important resource for your business.  Don’t take a big risk, use a highly-experienced company as ADDSYS LAB to keep your data safe and backed up.

Fiscal Government Solutions

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or big business, we have the answer for you.  Approved by the governmet we can supply printer and software fiscal solutions.

Middleware Solutions

We built solutions to link your different software to enter automatically between your different platform like AS400, SAP, ORACLE etc.