About Us

Today after 19+ year ago, ADDSYS has accumulated a lot experience in the business of Developing Software and knowledge of the technologies. ADDSYS LAB is a short Panamanian Software Factory company with multiple success software project and own Software products.

@Integrity and honesty!

This involves performing working activities with honesty, dignity, solidarity, consistency and respect, ensuring the physical and moral integrity of staff related to this activity. It also implies respect for current laws and internal regulations.

The employees of ADDSYS LAB will not participate in bribes, concession of benefit or advantage of any nature that could be understood as directed to influence improperly in the normal development of the commercial, administrative or professional relations in which ADDSYS LAB participates.

ADDSYS LAB staff will not solicit, accept or receive from persons or entities outside ADDSYS LAB, payments, attentions, gifts or favor deals that are outside the lawful uses of the market, and are – or could be understood to be – Aimed at influencing the normal development of commercial, administrative or professional relations in which ADDSYS LAB participates.


Our Skills

Usability & Design
Custom Software Development.
UI Development


ADDSYS mean “[+] add system or analysis design development systems” is born from 1998 when the founder was graduate of Bachelor Degree on Programming and Analysis of System Engineer, Technology University of Panama. From this period ADDSYS develop a different kind of Software with different kind of software language; from A third-generation programming language (3GL) or structured programming: C, FORTRAN, COBOL, RPG, PASCAL, etc. after current OOP or 5th generation C#, VB.Net, C++, PHP and RDMS Systems like ORACLE, MS SQL SERVER, MySQL, DB2 etc.



Our passion is to work with integrity around each business